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New Air-conditioned Auditorium: The R. S. Desai Auditorium has received a complete face-lift with arefurbished interior that has enhanced its ambience and put this auditoriumon par with other such venues which are commercially rented out. The new,comfortable, push-back seats; the polished, re-tiled floor; the hi-techsound system; the new stage and of course the central air-conditioning makes it an ideal venue for plays, music/cultural programmes, seminars,workshops and other such functions. For details on booking one may contact the institution's office on 516 3434.

  • Computer Courses:Various computer courses are being conducted at the institution's Computer Centre during holidays, which are open to all. For inquiries one may contact Mr. Narendrabhai on 516 3434 .
  • Summer Vacation Courses & Part-time Diploma Courses:The institution has been successfully conducting various vacation coursesfor the past 5 years. These courses are open to all, i.e. college students as well as outsiders for a very nominal fee. The courses aim to help individuals discover their hidden talents/potential and use their leisure time more efficiently and productively.
  • At present, the institution is offering courses in special gourmet cooking, painting, beauty and care,mehendi and toy-making.

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