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Providing free education was not enough to encourage parents to educate their daughters. Education involved a lot of other expenses like books, uniforms, accessories, transportation, etc., which deterred parents from sending their wards to school. This gave rise to the various funds, which were set up, ofcourse with the generous aid of donors, to assist the economically backward students in any which way. Some of these are –

  • V. D. Meghani & M. D. Meghani Book Bank – About 200 school children of various standards were loaned the required set of textbooks this academic year.
  • Jagmohandas Boda Nashta Fund - 245 school children received free snacks in the academic year '98-'99!
  • Sheth Chunilal Narbheram Memorial Trust School Dress Bank – 259 girls received school uniforms worth Rs. 43,545/- in the year '98-'99.
  • Smt. Yashodaben M. Patel School Accessories Bank – 144 children received shoes worth Rs. 31000/- this year.
  • Shri Dalichand J. Doshi College Educational Accessories Bank
  • Smt. Samratben H. Doshi Nibhav Fund
  • Smt. Maniben Rajmal Mehta College Book Bank - This academic year ('98-'99) 634 students were given textbooks (4093 volumes) on loan basis from thebook bank!

Wisconsin International Scholarship Fund – An amount of Rs. 1,36,200/- from this fund was distributed to 250 students of Junior, Senior and Diploma Colleges. Sponsored Prizes School and College students are encouraged to perform to their full potential in academics, sports and extra-curricular activities with prizes and certificates sponsored by the institution itself and by outside organisations like the Lions Club, The Rotary Club and individuals in categories like –First RankersHighest in any subject S.S.C. Topper H.S.C. Topper Best Student of the year Best Handwriting in English, Hindi, Gujarati & Marathi Elocution and Debate, Sports, Music, and Dance, Dramatics, Singing.

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