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The rich heritage of this institution has raised society's expectationsfrom it. The institution too, does not want to rest on its past laurels,but would like to keep pace with the changing times. There is a need toshift from formal education to job-oriented education to enable girls to beeconomically self-reliant and an asset to their family and the nation.
The institution has exciting plans to provide the following –

A Polytechnic College with courses in
WB01540_.gif (632 bytes) Fashion Designing: WB01540_.gif (632 bytes)Textile Technology WB01540_.gif (632 bytes) Mass Communication WB01540_.gif (632 bytes) Jewellery Designing WB01540_.gif (632 bytes) Travel & Tourism Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology WB01540_.gif (632 bytes)Courses in various Computer Applications WB01540_.gif (632 bytes) Entrepreneurship Training Programme WB01540_.gif (632 bytes) Enrichment Courses for all-round development WB01540_.gif (632 bytes) Coaching classes for competitive exams WB01540_.gif (632 bytes) Career Counselling WB01540_.gif (632 bytes) Placement of students WB01540_.gif (632 bytes) Encouraging students to take up related courses simultaneously, like C.A.or C.S. for Commerce students.

It is a mammoth task, but the institution has never failed its students,thanks to the benevolence of its donors. The institution is confident thatresponsible citizens of our society, especially of Ghatkopar, will continueto lend their valued support and generous contributions to this worthwhile cause.

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