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Food! Ymmm... Food is life and what's life without good food? The quickest way to the heart is through mouth. Good, nutritious and tasty food is our birth-right and we shall have it. We at nod with approval to all those who firmly believe that the true joy of our existence is in eating good food... Welcome to the 'Ghatkopar eat-outs' page, where we have compiled several places in Ghatkopar and some in other suburbs, to help you to practise your 'practical' philosophy...

There are so many places around offering so many different varieties of mouth watering delicacies that it often a hard decision where to eat and what to eat... We have the South Indian restaurants, Udipi chains, the Punjabi dhaabas, places specialising Gujarati thalis, Maharashtrian jevan, Marwari food, Bengali sweets; also there are the pav vada stalls, fast food joints including places where you get exotic Mexican food, Chinese food, Italian food; some are proper restaurants, some hotels, some eateries, others are take-aways, some are hawkers while some others street peddlers. Some are big, others small while yet others are just individuals selling their home made wares. But one common fact is that they all are sensory experts specialising in 'taste-buds'. Whatever may be the form of the eating place, they don't just fill your empty stomachs, they gratify your tongue, nose and most importantly the psyche, inducing the eternal pleasure of eating...

Hotels : Some of the first names that come in mind when we talk about eat-outs in Ghatkopar are HOTEL SAMRAT, WOODSTOK, HOTEL ACHIJA in the east and BHARAT CAFE, HOTEL GURU, NEOWELCOME & MEGHDOOT in the west. These are some of the most popular names in the area; so popular that often these names are used as land marks by the residents to locate a particular shop or a building. These hotels offer all varieties of Indian food on their platter; snacks or full meals and hence are ideal places for formal dinners or birthday parties. These are also the favourite places for many youngsters to find their soul mates or simply make new friends. So many business deals are negotiated in the polished formal interiors of these hotels everyday.Hotel Achija is one among those few hotels of Mumbai which remain open till early morning 5.00 clock in Navratri (a festival of Gujaratis )

Among the other names that strike are HOTEL POOJA, HOTELKALINDI, POPULAR in the east and R. K. HOTEL, UDIPI, SAINATH, HOTEL ANAND etc. in the West. There are dozens of such hotels in Ghatkopar and often they offer mixed menus ranging from South Indian dishes to North Indian dishes, some even offer Chinese food besides their own speciality items. Interestingly the same item on the menu cards has a unique taste in different hotels. The best way to find out which place has items to suit your individual taste is to visit different hotels each time when you go out with your friends and find out for yourself (and of course your purse!)

Fast Food Stalls : While you are in Ghatkopar you never have to worry where to get a little snack or in-betweens. There are stalls all over the palace - some of the most popular being the batata vada and sandwich stalls. There are some just outside the station on the east or if you get off the train on the west there are hawkers selling pav bhaji, bhajias and sandwiches all along the station road especially in the evenings. You will find the Jhunjunwala crowds on the extreme right hand side of the station while the SNDT favourites are the paani-puri shop, the sandwichwaala both near the M. G. road junction. Just a few steps ahead at the Cama lane junction are regular vendors selling the Kutchhi double-roti and idli-dosas. If you move down M. G. road eastwards you will surely come across more food vendors. One specialises in Bhel puri and one sells authentic Jaljeera from Mathura. There are several kulfiwaalas (ice-cream men) and one interesting chap specialises malai kulfi from Mehsana. Not to mention the innumerable snacks available in the famous Hingwala lane. Often are seen food peddlers selling in Garodia streets especially the 60 feet and 90 feet roads. In the far west of Ghatkoar, on L. B. S. Marg and in Maneklal estate there are what can be described as shop stalls selling snacks, besides the street hawkers. These include all the common snack items ranging from pav vadas, samosas, idlis, sandwiches, bhajias and kachoris. Overall, there are so many little places where you can eat in Ghatkopar, the list would run several pages long; but it wouldn't be an exaggeration to say that every 50 feet there is a place where you can eat. These are relatively inexpensive places with quite a good quality of food. Crowds and eat-outs go hand in hand. It seems as if there is a liaison between certain places like the tuition classes / colleges and food hawkers. You really have to try out different places for different moods and occasions to find out which one suits your tastes...

If in case these places in Ghatkopar aren't enough for you to reach your satiety limits, or if you are a perfectionist wanting authentic regional / international dishes or if you simply find yourself outside Ghatkopar in Mumbai for some reason, we food-lovers at suggest that you visit the following places sometime and try out real authentic dishes:

South Indian Food: The right place where you get Idlis / Dosas is of course Matunga (a suburb of Mumbai). But that not all; you also get vada sambhar, upama, pongal, muruccus, payasam and several other tasty South Indian dishes. RAM ASHRAI HOTEL is one of the oldest place, known for it's authentic South Indian food. The ambience is very simple and the prices are very reasonable. To name the other few other good ones are the WOODLANDS HOTEL, KAMAT GROUP OF HOTELS and the CHAIN OF UDIPIS.

North Indian Food: It's a perfect filling lunch or dinner. Several rich and spicy curries, koftas, dahls, kurmas and stuffed vegetables are served with thick oven baked rotis or buttered naans. Some of the better known restaurants serving this food down town are INDIAN SUMMER, BOMBAY BRASSERIE, ORNAMENTS, PALKHI and SHEETALBUKHARA

Gujarati Food: Can we forget the traditional Gujarati food, oh yes, the Dhokalas, Khandvis and Undhiyas. Gujarati food is known for its taste and nutritional wholesomeness. The right places for Gujju food are THACKERS, PUROHITS and BHAGAT TARACHAND

Foreign Food: All the major International foods like the Mexican food, Chinese food and Italian food are available in Mumbai. Not to neglect the entry of foreign food chains such as the MacDonalds, Domino pizzas and KFCs! For good Mexican food you should just visit CASA MEXICANA or the NEWYORKERS. For a taste of China, visit the popular CHINA GARDEN or the ORIENTAL BLOSSOM. For Italian food, LITTLE ITALY is the right place to go.

Food is in plenty in Mumbai. There are street vendors all over the city where you can get anything and everything and at any hour of the day... If we would start listing it would be endless list. However we cannot resist suggesting you the famous Khau galli at Churchgate and the Kalbadevi street which is more 'brite' at late evenings catering lots of hungry stomachs which come here after dinner...

Happy feasting!


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