Kidz Corner

Hi to all kids there. we have some interesting thing for you all just a little help from Your mama and you will see wonders.
For all my cute friends :

1)To make a Brooch :broach2.JPG (13217 bytes)
a) Draw a pig like this on stiff paper.
b) Cut it out. stick on a button nose. 
c) Tape a safety pin on the back.
Paper Craft :
Indian chief :
Transfer a strip of card into an exciting headband fit for an Indian chief. Why not make each for the whole tribe?indianchief.JPG (10192 bytes)
You will need
Coloured card
Assorted Coloured card
Sticky tape
a) first of all cut out a length of stiff coloured card measuring 60 * 6 cm (24 * 2 in). Now decorate it by cutting out zigzag lines from brightly coloured card and sticking them onto the band.
b)Draw and cut out feather shapes from the brightly coloured card and make lots of small scissor cuts along the sides of the feather to make them more realistic.
c)Apply glue to the inside of the band and stick the feather in place. To secure them really well use a strip of tape on top.
d)Fold the two ends together,adjust the size and tape to fit.

Be Different :
Have a Party or going for a party & have taken part in fancy dress just be different. With this Face Painting techniques. Just a little help from mama.
Go ahead :
1) lion & Tiger (Golden Lion, Little Tiger)

Lion and tigers have the same basic features as cats and kittens. Here, you can see that each face has similar-shaped black nose. With a short black line running from just under the nose to the upper lip. The faces also have white muzzles and fan-shaped patches above the eyes. Colouring varies- the lion has a golden-yellow base and the tigers have distinctive orange and black marking. Fur patterns have been achieved In differen ways-withfinefeatherybrushstrokes, bold lines or with a stippling effect.

2) Little Tiger :
a)Apply a peachy cloured base coat, as near to the model’s own
naturalcolouring as possible.
b)Using a stipple sponge, dab some red paint over the cheeks and
face1.JPG (15524 bytes)
c) Paint the rusty fan-shaped lines over the forehead.
d)Add the white lines above the eyes and around the mouth.
e)Paint in the black nose, mouth and whiskers.
f)Add the lines under the eyes and the bold black and brown stripes
around the face.

Dolphins :
Dolphins are quite easy to paint but you may need to practice on some paper First to get their shape right. If you want to give the dolphins’ skin a shiny
texture, use blue pearlised water make-up. Outline the dolphins in a darker blue to make them stand out and add some white bubbles.
face2.JPG (11714 bytes)

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