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Here is a unique institution which has been built, bit by bit from a small Jain Pathshala, imparting religious education to 5 girls some 75 years ago, to a multi-disciplinary educational academy imparting FREE education from Kindergarten to Graduation, in Arts, Commerce and Home Science to more than 5500 girls, without any prejudice to caste or religion! All thanks to theconcerted efforts of the citizens of this remarkable suburb of Ghatkopar! Every brick in this proud institution tells a story of its evolvement through –the painstaking efforts of its trustees,the open-hearted generosity of its numerous donors,the dedication and commitment of its teachers & professors, the voluntary services of public-spirited citizens, and last but not the least, the invaluable contributions of its past and present students.


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It all began in 1924, when two dynamic citizens of Ghatkopar, Shri Nyalchanbhai Sheth and Shri Durlabhjibhai Khetani, inspired by Shri Pandit Ratnachandraji Maharaj, took up the stupendous task of providing free education to girls, at a time when female education was one of society's lowest priority. Firmly believing that when you educate a woman, you educate two families, the two pioneers surmounted all odds and face dinnumerous challenges as they indefatigably worked towards this noble cause. In their endeavour, they received invaluable support and financial assistance from prominent citizens of our society like Shri KevalchandbhaiSheth, Shri Bapalalbhai Gandhi, Shri Zaverchandbhai Sanghrajka, ShriJagjivanbhai Dayal, Shri Dalichandbhai Doshi and Shri Shamjibhai Parekh,who together are the founder trustees of this institution.

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