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These recipes are provided by MRS. CHANDRIKA RAMESH GHATALIA
33 / Odeon Apartment, Vallabh baug lane, Ghatkopar (E), Mumbai 77.
This particular recipe is a traditional gujarati recipe. It is put up here because although it being very easy and common. But, still just because of lack of incorrect measurements this simple thing turns out to be a headache. So Chandrika Ghatalia with her experience has given us a perfect way of making it.






chandrikaben Besan (gram flour)
Butter milk
Chillies green
Turmeric powder
Mustard seeds
Oil for spluttering
Salt to taste
A pinch of asafoetadia
Some grated coconut
Some chopped
corriander leaves.
100 grams
2 cups

4 cups
1 tablespoon
Grind a paste of ginger and green chillies. Mix besan, turmeric powder, salt, butter milk, water and chillie- ginger paste . Cook this mixture on slow flame till it is almost dry and mixture forms a smooth dough.

Spread the hot mixture on a flat smooth surface as thinly as possible. Cut into 1" strips. And roll. Arrange in dish.

On the other hand heat oil put asafoetadia, mustard seeds and let it splutter. Pour this on the rolled strips in a plate. Garnish with grated coconut and chopped corriander leaves.


Icing sugar
Custard powder
6 oz Flour
6 oz Butter
3 oz  Icing sugar
2 oz Custard powder
Make a smooth mixture of butter and sugar. Sieve the flour and custard powder and work into a smooth dough. Roll into balls, the size of walnuts. Bake for 20 minutes. In moderate oven (325-350). DO NOT bake it till it gets brown. Apply vanilla essence or chocolate butter icing or jam on one of the balls when cold and sandwitch it with the other ball.
                Handva Rice
Urad Dal or /Dhokla flour
Edible oil
Baking Powder
Sour Curd
Doodhi or Onions (grated)
Carrot (grated)
Green peas
Mustard Seeds
Urad Dal
Zeera, White Teel, Neem Leaves.
1 Cup
2 Spoon

2 Spoon
1/4th Tea Spoon
2 Table Spoon
100 Gms

100 Gms

    Grind the mixture of rice & dal , which should be crushed   make it coarse not fine .For making mixture put hot water and sour curd and keep it aside overnight. it will be fermented. When making cake you put Green Peas, grated Carrots & grated Doodhi or Onions ,Baking Powder, Salt as per taste, Turmeric Powder, Chiilly Powder, Corriander Leaves .
   Put 2 Tea spoon Oil in non -stick pan (or Micro wave vessel) heat oil 7 put Mustard Seeds & Urad Dal, Jira, White Teel,Neem Leaves, pinch of Asfoitedia (Hing) . than put the Batter & Vegetables, put it on high temperature (250degrees) for 5 minutes., than slow down the temperature to (150 degrees) . For 15 mins till it becomes brown and crispy .This is ready for eating as  breakfast or it can be a good starter for dinner.

Mung Dal Chilla

The moong dal chilla recipe is by

Mrs.Usha Mehta.
She is successfully running cooking classes under her own name in her own hometown, Ghatkopar.Her Email Address is umcc[email protected]

Bread - cut in round shape,
Mung Dal - soak & make paste,
Cabbage    -  finely cut,
Capsicum   -  finely cut,
Tomato      -   finely cut,
Chilli Sauce,
white Pepper powder,
Chilli paste,
Onion        -     finely cut,
Spring Onion - finely cut
cloves Garlic-paste.


10 slice
1/2 (half) cup
1/4 (half) cup

1 Mediun size

1 Large
1/4  table spoon
1 table spoon
As per the taste,

1/2 table spoon
1 table spoon

1 table spoon
1 Medium size
1 Medium size
churn the remnants of the bread, which are left after cuuting them into round shape,

Mix all of the above ingredients except the round cut bread slices & prepare filling. Put some filling on bread slices & roast on non stick pan in butter. Serve hot with sauce & chutney.





6 Teacups Clear Veg Stock
1 1/2 Teacups Shredded Cabbage
1/2 Teacup Cooked Corn
1/2 Teacup Green Beans (Papadi Beans)
A Pinch Ajinomoto Powder
Salt to Taste
Topping - Chopped Spring Onions

Put stock to boil,  add Cabbage and boil the Onions add Corn ,Green Peas, Ajinomoto & Salt  cook for 2 mins.

Top with spring Onions & serve hot


1/2 Teacup Cabbage roughly chopped
3 Carrots roughly chopped
5 to 6 celery stalks
2 table spoons chopped spring Onions with leaves
3 to 4 pieces Cauliflower.
Boil all veg. in 8 teacups of water on a medium flame for 15 to 20 mins. Allow vegatables to settle at the bottom and pour out the vegetable stock .

Makes 6 teacup


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